Artificial Intelligence and Health Care Jobs

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The level of general concern regarding artificial intelligence, or AI, seems to be rising and on peoples minds more and more. AI, combined with robotics, are causing some to be very concerned of how these new technologies will affect the job market. A recent article in Harvard Business Review caught our attention as it specifically addresses artificial intelligence and health care jobs.

In their article titled “AI Will Change Health Care Jobs for the Better”, authors H. James Wilson and Paul Daugherty discuss how “smart machines” could affect the health care field and how it may impact jobs involved with patient care such as doctors, nurses and other related practitioners. Wilson and Daugherty suggest that overall, AI will have a largely positive effect on health care workers. They outline 3 main ways the feel this will occur:

  1. By amplifying people’s natural abilities
  2. By interacting people with novel interfaces and technologies
  3. By embodying physical attributes that extend people’s capabilities

Their conclusion is that AI will greatly enhance the capabilities of health care workers and allow them to provide more and better services and care to their patients.

You can click here to read the full article “AI Will Change Health Care Jobs for the Better” and find out more about the optimistic outlook of Wilson and Daugherty.