Common Job Search Pitfalls

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Avoid these job search pitfalls and get more interviews! As a principal in a national healthcare recruiting firm, I have read thousands of resumes. Some are good, some are excellent and some are just plain bad. The quality of the information you provide to prospective employers or a recruiter has a huge impact on whether or not you will get …

Mike Ingelido, left, with Danielle Munk and Roy Munk

GHS Recruiting 2016 Wrap Up

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GHS Recruiting hosted their 2016 Awards Party recently at MARKET in Rocky River, Ohio. Mike Ingelido was recognized as the GHS Recruiting Top Producer for 2016. Overall, the company recorded its second best year in company history. Altogether, GHS Recruiting has almost 90 years of total recruiting experience. The new year is already off to a great start and GHS hopes …

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Recruit and Retain Better

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Improve how you recruit and retain employees for long term success For healthcare organizations, the ability to recruit and retain workers is a major contributing factor to reducing costs and improving the bottom line. According to Bill McPherson, writing recently in McKnight’s Senior Living, hospital job growth was up 30% from 2014 to 2015. He also notes that the healthcare worker …

Marketing and HR

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What HR can learn from Marketing Mark W. Schaefer writes in Harvard Business Review about the “Why (and How) HR Needs to Act More Like Marketing” and we found his insights to be very informative. Today’s recruiting environment is highly competitive and in order to stand out in the crowd, employers can borrow some great tools from their marketing department. …

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Healthcare Turnover Challenge

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What can you do about high healthcare turnover? The high rate of turnover in the healthcare industry has long been a challenge. And because healthcare workers are in high demand, they can be more apt to look elsewhere. This could be because they feel unappreciated or over burdened or that they lack opportunities for growth. Whatever the case, they know …

Nurse Retention Infographic by Streamline Verify

Nurse Retention

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Improve nurse retention and save money! Retaining good employees is a wise and extremely important investment that needs to be a top priority for any organization. Spending time and resources on nurse retention can provide a high return on investment for healthcare organizations, especially given current state of the nursing employment market. Check out the infographic produced by Streamline Verify …

Reducing Nurse Turnover

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Check out these steps for reducing nurse turnover It is fairly self evident that one of the best ways to reduce turnover is to keep your employees happy. This is especially true with nurses as they are subject to more than your average amount of stress as a regular part of their work. Well trained and highly skilled nurses are …

Healthcare Finance News

Changing Role of Healthcare CFOs

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The role that the CFO is expected to take on in today’s healthcare organizations is much different than it used to be. Now, the candidates being looked at to fill the CFO position are also required to have a wider range of skills as the scope of the functions and teams they manage and coordinate expand. In addition to a …

We’ve Moved Again!

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GHS Recruiting is pleased to announce that we have relocated to our spacious new world headquarters in Rocky River, Ohio. Our new offices afford us some more elbow room for our existing team members and also some room to grow! Whenever you are in the area, we invite you to stop up and see us…and checkout our views of Lake …