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Company Culture in Healthcare Organizations

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Why company culture is important in healthcare organizations and how YOU can change it!

Build a great company culture!Culture is one of the most important, yet most overlooked aspects of an organization, especially when it comes to healthcare organizations. In most professions, company culture is a driving force behind productivity and profitability. Employees who say their company has a first class culture typically are more successful, whether it be in sales, manufacturing, accounting, etc. These employees feel empowered, are more focused on their responsibilities, are not caught up in the day to day drama of their organization/department, and generally are more willing to put additional time and effort into their roles and responsibilities. Company culture is central to the success of healthcare organizations because of the significant amounts of daily face-to-face interactions their employees have with their consumers (patients). Only recently, healthcare organizations have begun to invest in creating, implementing, and maintaining a positive culture in hopes to directly affect patient care and related quality metrics.

There are two primary ways to directly influence your organizations culture: changing the current dynamic; and recruiting and hiring individuals who fit and will embrace the new culture.

When changing the current company culture dynamic, there are several elements to keep in mind:

  1. Know what the culture you want to build looks like and set achievable benchmarks throughout the implementation.
  2. Communicate what you want to accomplish. Employees from the top-down should be on board. Having one person of influence who doesn’t believe in the change can unknowingly sabotage the entire process.
  3. Be transparent in your plans and actions. This will build trust and employee buy-in thus making the process much easier by having less speed bumps.
  4. Hold everyone in the organization accountable to the benchmarks. Include the benchmarks in policies, job descriptions, and performance appraisals so your employees are aware of and strive to reach the goals.
  5. Reward positive behavior/outcomes.

Recruiting Individuals Who Fit Your Culture

In today’s world, finding candidates who will fit your company culture and excel in their role is more in-depth than perusing a resume.  With technological advancements, access to metrics, and increased visibility, the healthcare industry has shifted from an employer driven market to an employee driven market. As demand for qualified professionals has increased, and supply has decreased, and candidates are being more selective when choosing a new position. Potential employees are searching for an organization that will value them, make them feel involved and important, and for a culture they believe is the right “fit”.

According to the 2017 National Health Care Retention Staffing Report, 48% of RN’s and  51% of all healthcare employees leave their employer within 2 years, with those numbers jumping to 70.7% and 71.5% leaving within 5 years.  The average cost for an RN’s turnover can average between $40,000 and $60,000. When you consider this organization wide, the average hospital is losing between $5M-$8M annually across the board. Over the last 15 years, many other industries have begun to implement new recruitment processes and tools to help them better identify the best possible candidate, yet most healthcare organizations have stuck to their traditional hiring methods, despite their vast number of openings and quickly shrinking margins.

In an analysis of the list of the “The Best Hospitals to Work For”, several culture related factors keep appearing.  Among them most prominent are:

  • a diverse and inspiring culture/work environment
  • competitive compensation
  • transparency from senior leadership
  • having a “family” feeling

Many of the facilities on this list have embraced new methods to enhance both their recruitment profiles as well as their retention rates, and have developed the type of culture that most modern candidates are looking for. What has your organization done to lower your turnover and create a positive work culture that will improve both employee and patient satisfaction scores?

Leveraging Technology in the Recruiting Process

We here at GHS Recruiting understand the importance of a positive work environment and low turnover rates. We witness first-hand on a regular basis the setbacks, headaches and excess costs one single mis-hire can cause a healthcare organization. To help counter these challenges, we recently invested in a new proprietary web-based tool that will not only help you identify the candidates that best fit for your culture, but will also provide additional insights into each candidate to help you make the best hiring decision possible. Our new Intuitive Recruiting Information System, or “IRIS” for short, includes in-depth behavioral analysis, video introduction and questionnaire, key competencies and facts, and much more. When paired with our established and proven healthcare recruitment techniques, IRIS will help you make the best choice, the first time. We believe in this analytical based approach so much, that we are extending our placement guarantee for up to 1 year for any applicant hired through the IRIS program.

As the healthcare industry changes, so should your outlook and approach to fostering a strong and inspiring culture at your workplace. We believe that with the data and metrics available today, implementing a new analytical approach to your recruitment process will help create a sound foundation of new hires into which you can integrate into your new, more dynamic company culture. For the organizations that have already put the emphasis in creating that culture, IRIS will help remove the guessing game known as that “gut feeling” and will help you make the right choice with confidence.

If you would like more information about IRIS, or if you would like to set up a quick demonstration of IRIS to see for yourself how a new approach to your hiring process and culture development can positively impact your organization, please contact Mike Ingelido at GHS Recruiting. Mike can be reached directly at (440) 663-7075 or

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Mike Ingelido joined GHS Recruiting in 2011 as a recruiter and quickly became one of the firm’s top associates and a Million Dollar Producer and was the GHS’s Top Producing Recruiter in 2016. Mike has been integral in growing GHS Recruiting’s business into new sectors such as Interim and Outplacement Services. He now manages the daily operations of GHS, is spearheading recruitment efforts at GHS, and trains new hires. Mike Ingelido is a graduate of the University of Toledo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with focus on Human Resources and Organizational Leadership and Development.