Core Values

Work Hard Without Having To Be Told To Work Hard

We are all professional adults at GHS…we know what needs to get done and we do it.

Ultimate Accountability

We understand that when a mistake happens, we fall short of expectations, or we don’t do as well as we can that it is our fault. We take accountability of the problem and work to find a solution. We don’t waste time pointing fingers or looking for a scapegoat.

Open, Honest, and Transparent

We talk about all problems and issues in a respectful manner before they become bigger problems and issues.

Constant Improvement

We are constantly striving for greatness. We are never satisfied with the status quo. We understand that good is the enemy of great. Growth and learning never stop.

Respect One Another and Our Clients

We love to disagree; we love to have differing opinions; we understand that we won’t always see eye to eye. However, we will always be respectful of each other and our clients and never let it get personal.

Life is Too Short Not to Have Fun Everyday

While we understand we are here to work and make a living, we still want to have fun, be playful, and find the joy in every day.

If we hire only great people with integrity and passion, everything else becomes easier.