GHS Recruiting History

  • 1998: GHS Founded

    Roy Munk and Danielle Folliett open Global Nursing Services (now GHS Recruiting) in Willoughby, Ohio

  • 2001: First Hire

    First internal employee hired by GHS.

  • 2001-2005: Expansion!

    GHS adds employees and business grows.

  • 2008: Celebration!

    GHS marks 10 Years in business with company trip to Disney World!

  • 2009: More Growth

    GHS moves to a new, bigger office.

  • 2009: Sales Achievement

    Tom Cavalli is GHS’s first of several $1 million billers

  • 2012: More Sales Achievement

    Tom Cavalli continues to excel as GHS’s first $2 million biller

  • 2013: Promotion

    Mike Ingelido is promoted to Recruitment and Training Manager

  • 2013: Best Year Ever!

    GHS’s celebrates its most successful year so far and we celebrate with a Company trip to Belize!

  • 2015: Even More Growth

    GHS moves to a new and even bigger office in Cleveland, Ohio (Bonus: Lake Erie views!)

  • 2016: New Services and Potential

    GHS begins to offer new services to our clients including outplacement, contract/travel nursing, and job coaching services.

  • 2018: GHS Recognized

    GHS is presented the Distinguished Leaders in Executive Recruiting award for exceptional service and distinguished leadership in executive recruiting. Only 250 search firms have been honored.

  • 2018: Record Breaking Year on Several Fronts

    Records fell in 2018 including most jobs filled in a year, top producing year as a company, and Greg Carlson shatters the record for the top producing recruiter! Average tenure for a GHS recruiter is now over 11 years — an amazing statistic in an industry where the average recruiter experience is just over 2 years.