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The fact of the matter is you are an expert in your career. We are experts in locating job openings and connecting professionals like yourself to those opportunities. An experienced Recruiter can search more efficiently for jobs than you can. Your GHS Recruiter has the time, expertise, network, and resources to find job openings that you may never have known about (unadvertised positions, confidential searches, or just positions that are newly created). We spend our working hours looking for employment opportunities. That’s time researching employers that you won’t have to spend.
Additionally, we will prepare you and assist you through the entire process. We will double check that resume for errors or omissions and help you tailor it for the exact opportunity you are interested in. We will prep you for each and every interview – who you will be speaking with, types of questions you will be asked, and the intangibles the employer may be looking for that you can’t find on a Job Description.
We will serve as a sounding board for you, provide you with timely feedback after interviews, and assist you with every aspect of a job search through the offer and acceptance. Bottom line, we will make an overwhelming and sometimes cumbersome process easier and smoother for you from start to finish.

However you prefer to say it, GHS Recruiting services are free to all job seekers.
This is an important professional relationship, and you need to be sure it’s going to work. Ask how long the recruiter has been with the company. Also ask about the process and how they market your resume and present it to potential employers.

Make sure you are comfortable with both the company and the individual. There needs to be a fit between your style and the style of the people who are representing you.
If you choose the right recruiter, one is all you need! If you try to work with multiple recruiters at once, you risk them stepping on each other’s toes. If you choose to work with multiple recruiters, it’s important to let each one know you are also working with someone else. Otherwise, they may both market your resume to the same employer, which can be an issue if the employer is receiving your resume from multiple sources.
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