GHS Outplacement Services

Layoffs in the healthcare industry are an unfortunate but sometimes unavoidable part of the process. For the employer, cautious planning and faultless implementation are required to prevent affecting employee morale, avoiding lawsuits, as well as the organization’s standing in the community. For the displaced employees, unemployment may leave many feeling that they have few options or that their careers have been derailed. For the remaining employees, feelings of insecurity can rise and productivity levels may decline. These situations can leave many employees, whether leaving or staying, with a sense of frustration and anxiety.

Our consultants, experts in the healthcare industry, will provide transitioning participants with the type of support that helps them ease their anxieties.
GHS Recruiting offers quality outplacement services to help transitioning employees understand that career changes can be the beginning to the next step in their profession. Our consultants, experts in the healthcare industry, will provide transitioning participants with the type of support that helps them ease their anxieties and gain the tools and knowledge to lead them to their next opportunity.

GHS Recruiting outplacement services include assisting the displaced employee(s) gain the tools, skills, and knowledge to best conduct a job search. Additionally, GHS will assist the Displaced Employee with locating and identifying current opportunities that may be a proper match to their skill-set and experience. Additional Services will include any and all of the following:

Assessment Displaced Employees will be profiled and evaluated on skill-set, interests, values, strengths, weaknesses, and how they connect to job and career options. New skills, education, licenses/education, required will be recommended and resources made available.

Resume Writing Our professional resume writers will critique and write a professional resume that will highlight the employee’s skills for their job search process.

Resume Distribution Through GHS’s partnerships and networks, GHS will distribute the new resume to employers within their industry and geographic area of interest.

Outplacing Career Liaison Service GHS Recruiting will actively interview the client and personally introduce the candidate to hiring managers where there is a good fit. We leverage deep human resources relationships to ease the transition into a new career opportunity.

Online Personal Branding / Social Media GHS will work with the displaced employee to ensure they are utilizing online social networking tools in their job search, including professional networking sites. GHS also reviews their online and offline “fingerprint” to ensure they are representing themselves with the best personal brand.

Consulting / Coaching GHS Recruiting will be available to the displaced Employee for a term of up to 12 months to offer career coaching, job search training and techniques, interview preparation, counseling and as a general resource.