GHS Recruitment Process

  1. We get to know one another
    Through a discussion with the hiring manager or HR professional (or other qualified individual) a specific criteria of preferred candidate qualifications, characteristics, and attributes will be determined prior to a search beginning. We want to understand the client’s culture, expectations, challenges, and goals. GHS will develop a customized recruitment strategy to ensure a successful hire.
  2. GHS Gets to Work
    At this point the search to identify qualified candidates will be executed using pre-existing research materials, exhaustive telephone networking of target candidates, as well as other sources and techniques.Global Healthcare Services will source qualified candidates in numerous ways:

    • Direct Recruiting. This is the “bread and butter” of great recruiters. GHS recruiters are experts in the ability to find the passive candidate that are not currently actively searching for a position. This process involves exhaustive phone marketing of your opportunities directly to healthcare professionals who are currently excelling at that job for someone else.
    • GHS maintains an active and growing network of over 100,000 profiled healthcare professionals. These contacts are engaged by phone and email on a regular basis to ensure up-to-date information and that they are familiar with our services. This network is a great source of candidates and referrals.
    • GHS advertises your opportunities on over 6,000 websites including our own as well as advertising in print & trade magazines as deemed necessary.
    • Referrals/Networking. Global Healthcare Services has a large network of industry leaders, trade groups, universities/colleges, and previously placed candidates that are excellent resources for leads and referrals.
    • E-mail Marketing Campaign. GHS has the capabilities to e-mail your opportunity to thousands of professionals that have opted-in to our Job Notification System. These candidates are immediately receiving notification about your job moments after we receive the details from you.
  3. GHS Prescreens All Potential Candidates
    GHS Recruiters spend a great deal of time on the phone with each potential candidate before submitting for consideration to any opportunity. First, GHS has 30 key questions that we ask all candidates that will ensure we are aware of all pertinent information.Secondly, we discuss the opportunity in detail with the Candidate assuring that the Candidate is 1) qualified for the opportunity and 2) interested in the opportunity and location. Since GHS recruits only for the healthcare industry, this gives our recruiters the advantage of being “specialists” in the industry allowing us to prescreen candidates more concisely and allowing for a higher level of quality candidates being submitted to our clients.
  4. GHS Will Go the Extra Mile
    On request, professional and personal references are conducted via candidate supplied references as well as direct references we identify and contact. All formal educational and certification claims are verified through national or institutional certifying bodies on request, as well.
  5. GHS Will Stay In Touch
    Global Healthcare Services updates Clients by phone on all active searches within 48 hours of beginning a new search. This update will allow the Client to be aware what we have done to this point in the search (direct recruiting calls, networking, advertising, etc). We will also update the Client as to any feedback we have been receiving about the opportunity that may prove helpful. Constant updates are offered throughout the process.
  6. GHS Will Assist with Offers and Negotiations
    Global Healthcare Services will assist the client with structuring and presenting the offer to the selected candidate. Additionally, we will conduct subsequent negotiations, as necessary. The successful agreement on an offer between the client and candidate is deeply predicated on the discussions and interactions we have had directly with the candidate and the spouse during the entire recruiting process. Consequently, the offer will not be a surprise to either the candidate or the client. It is our goal to have a detailed understanding of the potential offer and the candidate’s willingness to accept prior to extending the actual offer.
  7. After the Offer Acceptance Our Job is Not Done Yet
    Global Healthcare Services stays in contact with both the Client & the Candidate to ensure a smooth transition. We assist the Candidate with the resignation from current position, the relocation process (if applicable), locating suitable living arrangements (if applicable), state licensure, orientation scheduling, start date preparations, and anything else that may be necessary. We touch base with both the Client & Candidate at the end of the first day of employment as well as weekly thereafter to assure there are no other matters we can assist with.

A Winning Forumla

It is the methodical search process and continual follow-up that ensures a proper fit and long term success for all parties involved.

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