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Healthcare Turnover Challenge

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What can you do about high healthcare turnover?

Nurse and PatientThe high rate of turnover in the healthcare industry has long been a challenge. And because healthcare workers are in high demand, they can be more apt to look elsewhere. This could be because they feel unappreciated or over burdened or that they lack opportunities for growth. Whatever the case, they know they can likely find a new position in the same market rather quickly. This article from RevCycle Intelligence points to key elements in a recent survey showing a 1.5% increase in healthcare turnover in 2015. The article also highlights a report from the Missouri Hospital Association that verifies these findings. Changes in the healthcare landscape like a larger pool of older patients and new and expanding government programs which require more healthcare talent, all bode well for the employee. These same elements make managing healthcare turnover all that more important for the employer.

What can an employer who relies on having a strong pool of qualified healthcare workers do? Here are a few tips:

  • Create an internal environment that shows the organization values employees including opportunities for growth and advancement.
  • Utilize social media to stay in touch with those working in the healthcare field and market your organization to them via these channels.
  • Establish a strong relationship with a professional healthcare recruiting firm, who takes the time to learn and know your organization and then can help fill your open positions quickly with highly qualified candidates.