Hiring The Right Fit

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Why the fit of a job candidate if so important in hiring

GHS has been recruiting healthcare professionals for over 20 years. During that time, a few trends have become evident. One of the most significant and frustrating of these can be when an employer feels that they have hired a superstar candidate, but within a few months quickly realize that it is just not going to work out. What went wrong? On paper they were perfect. Moreover, everyone loved the candidate during the interview. Where was the failure? What could have been done to avoid another costly miss-hire?

The most critical aspect of the hiring process is FIT. If a misfit exists between the candidate and the organization, the organization is likely to suffer. Our recruitment platform, IRIS, removes the guesswork and assures a proper fit over 94% of the time. Our IRIS Platform will make sure the candidate you hire will not only have the experience you need but will also be a proper cultural fit for your hospital or healthcare organization.

Think about it. When you hire a new employee, it is primarily based on skills, experience, and how the candidate presents themselves throughout the interview process. When you terminate an employee (or they resign within the first year) it is typically for a behavioral issue or lack of a cultural fit. Why hire on one set of parameters but fire on an entirely different set?

Hiring teams and Human Resources departments spend hours defining roles, responsibilities and functions but are rarely able to correspondingly articulate what the required behavioural expectations are, both within the role and within the organization. Even if hiring teams do manage to bypass the old clichés of “a strong team player” or “a self-starter”, it is still a struggle to objectively assess and evaluate during the interview process.

Save yourself time, money, and headaches in your hiring process. Use IRIS and assure that the next candidate you bring onto your team not only has the skills you need but will also be the right fit for your hospital, community, and department – for the long term.