Intuitive Recruiting Information System

Are you tired of having to pick a recruitment firm from a group all promising similar, even identical, services? We understand you want something different. A process that works. A solution that eliminates the time-wasting. Minimizes turnover and increases retention. And, yes, is even user friendly. That’s why GHS Recruiting is bringing you a new platform: Intuitive Recruiting Information System (IRIS for short).

IRIS is a unique candidate assessment process putting all the information about candidates at your fingertips creating numerous benefits including:

  • in-depth candidate assessments
  • streamlined recruitment process in one easy platform
  • reduced costs and down-time of a faulty recruitment process and costly miss-hires
  • increased new employee retention
  • Removing the guesswork & subjective nature of the interview process

With IRIS, employers seeking to fill positions have access to their very own secure account, so information can be easily uploaded, shared and analyzed. The IRIS platform includes a combination of advanced technology and cutting-edge methodology you will not find anywhere else such as:

  • Behavioral based assessments matched to job requirements & interview questions
  • video introductions and initial video screening questions
  • full CV/resume along with consultant comments and key facts of each candidate
  • Competency based assessments of every candidate
  • Multiple layers of scientific and objective assessment increasing predictive validity
  • online messaging, a smooth and transparent recruitment process, and feedback all in one place
  • anywhere/anytime access
  • and much more!

Finally, there is an evidence based, intuitive recruiting process management system generating predictable outcomes!

IRIS: Recruiting. Redefined.

Check out the video above or visit our dedicated IRIS website for more details. And then contact GHS at (800) 808-7297 or to setup a demonstration of how IRIS can help you transform you recruiting process.