It’s a Great Time to be Job Hunting!

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By all accounts, the economy in the U.S. is currently quite strong and it appears that this strength will continue for the foreseeable future. Unemployment continues to decrease, and wages are on the rise. This bodes well for folks looking for work as, in many cases, there are more job openings than there are qualified people to fill them.

We found some good advice in a recent article published on “MAKE IT” titled “Looking for better pay or opportunity?…”  The article highlights two tips for those looking for work:

  • Look for jobs in business services and healthcare
  • Don’t be afraid to switch jobs

The article points to large increases in available positions in business services and healthcare, meaning there are lots of options for working in these sectors including the areas of tech, sales, finance and more. And in the case of healthcare, according to the article, with “just one or two years of training, you can land a job as a nursing assistant or physician assistant.”

Regarding switching jobs, the article suggests that checking out the current job market will let you know what kind of positions need to be filled and if there is an opportunity to get more money with another employer.

You can check out the full article on CNBC here. If you are looking for a job in the healthcare field, give GHS Recruiting a call at (800) 808-7297 to have a conversation with one of our experts to see what career options we might have for you to look at.