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Men: Is there a Healthcare Job in Your Future?

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Male NurseMany low and middle-income wage earners (i.e. everyday Americans) continue to struggle to find jobs they might want to turn into a long-term career. Some are having success, men especially, looking towards the healthcare sector for opportunities that are challenging and rewarding.  These men are going back to school, either on their own or with the assistance of programs offered by some colleges and corporations, to gain the qualifications to become nurses, technicians and therapists.

The stigma that many healthcare jobs are “women’s work” can be a challenge for many men to get over. However, looking at the longevity of the healthcare job market as well as wage stability, good benefits and more, many are finding it easy enough to look past the stereotypes. One article notes that women received just 5% of the medical degrees around the middle of the 20th century but accounted for nearly half of all them by 2011! If this trend carries over to nursing and similar healthcare jobs traditionally filled by women, we will likely see a much higher ratio of men working in hospitals, long term care facilities and the like by the middle of the 21st century.

To get more information and ideas on how you or someone you know might transition into the healthcare job market, check out the Chicago Tribune article “As workforce bleeds men, health care jobs could be key to keeping them employed” as well as “The Men Who Take ‘Women’s’ Jobs” which recently ran in The Atlantic.

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