Millennials and the Nursing Job Market

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It turns out that “millennials” (approximately, those born between the early 1980’s and mid 1990’s) are more ambitious in seeking advanced positions than some of the other generation designations like “gen x” and “baby boomer”.  We found the article “What Are Nurses Looking For In The Job Market”, recently published in Recruiting Daily, quite interesting in the observations provided, mostly regarding millennials, and how millennials view their potential careers in the field of nursing. The figures provided in the article are based on a survey conducted by AMN Healthcare of 3347 registered nurses.

Here are a few highlights of their findings:

  • 36% of millennials aspired to leadership positions
  • 40% were considering a master’s degree
  • 11% were considering a Ph.D.
  • Millennials are eager to see national licensure for nurses to improve career potability
  • Millennials considering management positions are concerned about potential shortages of nurses to manage

The article goes on to suggest that providing management training incentives and support will help transition more millennial nurses into higher level positions.  Focusing on “communication and strategy and developing other people” are skills that are not normally taught in nursing school but are skills necessary to transition into management.  In general, according to the article, millennials want the opportunities for leadership and medical facility leaders need to provide the infrastructure, opportunity and resources to make this happen.

You can read the full article “What Are Nurses Looking For In The Job Market?” here.  If you are looking to higher nurses and in evaluating which job candidates are most likely to succeed in your organization, contact GHS Recruiting at (800) 808 7292 to speak with one of our placement professionals or contact us using this online contact form