Recruiter Spotlight: Adam Mast

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Recruiter Name: Adam Mast

Years at GHS: 8 years, this October 13th

Title: Senior Recruiter

How did you end up in Recruiting?                         

After working in retail sales, I was burnt out working all the weekends, holidays, and nights.  Recruiting combined sales and working closely with candidates to help them find exactly what they are looking for in a new job.  The team at GHS and the challenge of sourcing and placing candidates in the right job at the right client drew me in.

What is the best thing about being a Recruiter?

On the candidate side: Helping someone not only to find the next path forward in their career but also to realize that the path is even there and available to them.  On the client side: Helping to bring the talent needed to an organization that can help improve an already great place to work or receive care.

Talk to us about some of your hobbies outside of the office?

As of the last several years, spending as much time as possible with our kids.  My wife, Lauren, and I have a 3.5 year old daughter and 2 year old son; Peyton and Silas.  Watching them play, figure something out for the first time, or guiding them to make the right decision is the most rewarding part of life.

Outside of family life; I love being outdoors.  Taking a backpacking trip in miles into a forest with no cell phone or emails (not great for work, but we all need a short break occasionally) is refreshing.  Snowboarding in the winter.  Playing soccer.  Watching soccer and football — USMNT, Bayern Munich, and Crew SC; and Ohio State football, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

If you could have a super hero power, what would it be and why?

Teleportation.   Anything to make travel faster and easier!

What’s the best advice you can give to a candidate that is searching for a new job?

Have frank and honest discussions with yourself, your family, and then your recruiter.  This helps to determine what will be the best match in a new opportunity.  It also, helps to bring valuable outside opinions from your most trusted and loved; as well as from an industry expert.

Then, it never hurts to have a telephone interview.  If there was enough interest to send your resume, there should be enough interest to speak with a hiring manager.  You never know what connections, insight, or opportunities can arise.

Favorite vacation location?

Our go to destination is the Charleston, South Carolina area.  It’s a unique and welcoming historical city.  We’ve had many great trips to the beaches and resorts on Kiawah Island or Isle of Palms.

How do you balance life and work?

Plan each work day and plan some time for yourself each week.  Also, family dinners are key – we try to sit down together at the dining room table for dinner most nights.

What was one of your favorite moments as a Recruiter?

It’s every time following an on-site interview, when both sides immediately call you to say how great the interview just went.  You get that confirmation you’ve seen building for the past couple weeks, that this is a perfect match!

What was the best concert you’ve seen live? 

Billy Joel and Elton John together.  Or a number of the Dave Matthews Band concerts I’ve been to (30+).

Any common mistakes that you see jobseekers make that are easy to correct?

Don’t assume, especially on the interview!  Too many times we’ve had feedback from Hospitals that during an interview the applicant provided solutions to all the “problems” they saw.  – Instead, convey and relate previous experiences/problems and what steps you took to identify the problem/cause, the plan to correct, and the successful outcome.  – If the client already feels they have a problem area, this shows you’re the right person to fix it.  If they don’t know they have a problem or don’t know the cause, you come across as experienced and knowledge; not assumptive, or even worse presumptuous.

Describe a success story you’ve had with one of your candidates or clients:

Recently, a timing issue delayed the beginning stages of an interview from the hospital’s side.  The candidate was presented an offer elsewhere and had accepted.  My client was clearly the better choice for the candidate, both professionally and personally.  Honest and frank feedback to the hospital, smoothed over the red-flag.  After speaking with and meeting each other, it was clear that they were the right match for each other!

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