Reducing Nurse Turnover

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Nurse Sitting By Young Girl's Bed In Hospital

Check out these steps for reducing nurse turnover

It is fairly self evident that one of the best ways to reduce turnover is to keep your employees happy. This is especially true with nurses as they are subject to more than your average amount of stress as a regular part of their work. Well trained and highly skilled nurses are a valuable asset to any healthcare organization and their employment longevity is key to reducing overall staffing expenses. As noted in a recent article entitled “Four Measures that Are Key to Retaining Nurses“, two studies are cited which identify the extremely high cost of nurse turnover. In effort to help keep these costs at a minimum, the author lays out four key areas on which to focus to help reduce nurse turnover including shared governance and data-driven staffing.  At the macro level, these keys to employee retention can cross over into just about any department or field or work as well.

While you might think high turnover rates are something a recruiting firm like GHS Recruiting might champion, we are really most interested in finding the best mutual fit for our contract organizations and our prime candidates. This then translates into stronger and longer lasting relationships for our clients, both job providers and job seekers. The more satisfied a new hire is on the job, the longer they are likely to stay and the long term return on investment in our placement services becomes more and more valuable. This is why a company like GHS Recruiting prefers to place our job seekers into organizations that focus on retention and reducing turnover as it results in a true win-win-win!