Traveling Nurses & Allied Health Professionals

GHS Recruiting has partnered with USA Staffing/Bestaff to offer travel/contract nurse and allied health professionals travel job opportunities nationwide! If you are a healthcare professional with at least one year experience, fill out this form to speak with a representative who can help you discover available positions and get started with GHS as a travel professional!

Why Travel with GHS Recruiting?

Customizing your Traveling Nurse Salary:
Whatever your traveling goals may be, we give you the power to customize a pay package that works for you. Your individual travel salary will be created so that you can meet your personal and professional goals while optimizing your compensation and benefits. We work with you; not against you!

Competitive Pay Rates:
At GHS we realize that you work hard as a traveler and your compassion and dedication to your profession should be well rewarded. That is why we pay our travel professionals the top rates in the industry. Your salary is based upon location, facility, assignment, and specialty. Many of our travel jobs offer shift differentials with increased base rates, overtime and other bonuses as well. Make sure to ask your recruiter for all the details regarding compensation including our tax-advantage pay plans to maximize your take home pay.

Guaranteed Pay Program:
We are proud to offer guaranteed pay on all traveling nurse or allied health professional job assignments. If your shift gets cancelled you are still guaranteed to get a paycheck for hours lost. Start enjoying the benefits of true income security, and contact your recruiter today.

Generous Travel Allowance:
Worried about how you are going to get to your traveling nurse assignment? At GHS we are your travel partner. Our Travel Concierge will make your travel arrangements for you. If you prefer to make your own arrangements, you will be reimbursed or provided a travel stipend. The choice is yours.

Completion & Other Bonuses:
Enhance your traveling nurse salary further by earning bonuses. We offer plenty of options and opportunities for you to earn more. GHS offers bonuses for completion, loyalty, longevity and extra effort. We also hold various contests with cash prizes throughout the year.

Referral Bonus:
Have any friends or co-workers that are interested in becoming a traveler? We are proud to offer a referral bonus for every traveling nurse and allied health professional you send our way. You can earn up to a $1000 dollars per referral for healthcare professionals who complete a travel assignment with us. There is no limit to how many travel professionals you can refer!

Insurance Coverage:
Through our partners we offer insurance coverage with multiple options. Feel at ease knowing that you are covered fully while out on assignment. Ask your recruiter about all of your insurance choices. Don’t forget that we customize. If you don’t need insurance, opt out compensation will be figured into your contract.

Additional Benefits with GHS:
At GHS we know you work hard every week and shouldn’t have to wait for a bi-weekly paycheck. Your travel salary will be direct deposited into your account every week. We also offer paid vacation, 24 hour support and more. Call your recruiter today to learn more about all the benefits of being a GHS Travel Pro!

Contact us today about your future in being a traveling nurse or allied health worker!