Trends in Healthcare Jobs

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As reported recently by the Board of Labor Statistics (BLS) and cited in the article “Health Care is Where the Jobs Are” in a January 18, 2018 article, healthcare jobs are responsible for significant sector growth, making healthcare the segment that employs more than any other industry. Registered nurses were listed as the fastest growing position of the healthcare jobs market. Medical assistant is another occupation that is expected to increase in overall healthcare jobs. Medical record and information processing related jobs are also anticipated to continue to show strong hiring trends. It is also noted that many of these healthcare jobs are not located inside traditional hospital settings. Instead, clinics, labs, ambulatory care clinics and the like are helping keep the healthcare job market strong.

Here is a link to the full November 2018 BLS jobs report article in U.S. News & World Report.  If you are already employed in the healthcare sector and considering new job, call GHS Recruiting to speak with one of our placement specialists to find out what healthcare jobs are available in the locations or facilities in which you are looking. You can reach our talented team of recruiters at (800) 808-7297 or use this online contact form.