Ways To Improve Benefits for Your Nurse Managers

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Having troubles recruiting and retaining top talent for your Nurse Management roles? It may be time to take at your benefits again.

A recent article on posted on Becker’s Healthcare highlights key strategies for hospitals to attract and retain nurse leaders effectively. The American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) emphasizes the importance of competitive non-salary compensation.

Here are the six recommended approaches that you may want to consider:


  1. Regular market analysis for pay adjustments.
  2. Total rewards optimization surveys involving nurse managers.
  3. Total rewards statements showcasing compensation’s value.
  4. Offering hybrid work options for nurse managers.
  5. Personalized benefits, including child or elder care.
  6. Developing interim leader coverage plans for extended time of

These strategies can help hospitals stand out in the competitive healthcare labor market, as outlined in the AONL Nursing Leadership Workforce Compendium. Read the entire article by clicking here.